René Evald has for many years been in the forefront of the danish rock, blues and folk scene and has played in every corner of Scandinavia and Europe and on some of the biggest festivals such as Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Smukfest and Stockholm Jazz Festival.  A singer/songwriter and guitar player – with a warm and bluesy edge with elements of blues, folk, country and rock.
The mark of his recordings and musical arrangements is a warm and yearningly atmosphere, beautiful guitars and vocals.

René Evald has with  “Copenhagen Time” given some of his favorite tracks within the folk / rock / blues genre his own unique interpretation – in a americana universe where the sound of the porch is heard all the way into the living room – well laid out and laid back. Through the intense work on these songs, restrained equilibrism, the perfection of simplicity and the unpretentious and tasteful feeling, René Evald has created his own style.

The album’s tasteful arrangements and good sound underline the longing vibe that is highlighted by the beautiful guitar and vocal work. The CD “Copenhagen Time” is a well-worked, co-edited and compelling rendition of the rock story in a close and present production. A tale that makes the moment a little more golden.

René Evald: vocals, guitars
Jens Elbøl: bass
Jesper Grandetofte: drums and percussion
Lynge Wagner: guitar, pedal steel, dobro
Henrik Littauer: piano, accordion
Louise Støjberg: background vocals